ABM: How’d you get your stage name Saucey?

Saucey: Dope game, some nigga gave it to me, he said like, what he say, he said, bruh; you a ugly ass nigga, but for some reason, you get all the bitches. You a Saucy ass niga! I just guess that’s what it is, it’s just the sauce.

ABM: That’s dope. So what inspired you to actually make music?

Saucey: Um, you know poetry, a good way to vent, get a lot off my chest, real situations, get that shit off my chest. Fuck it, diary to a real nigga.

ABM: Ok, so lets say you hit a certain pinnacle in your career, who are some of the artists you would like to work with?

Saucey: Locally, I would like to work with anybody that can I vibe with, somebody who has lived that similar lifestyle, you know. Shit. Maybe Philthy Rich, or J Stalin. HD, definitely HD, he spits a lot of real game, I like that, he keeps it real.

ABM: Definetly

Saucey: When it get to mainstream: I mean, French Montana, Kevin Gates, I really fucks with their music. I like their style. You know what I mean.

ABM: Tell everybody about your album “That’s So Saucey”.

Saucey: That’s So Saucey , That’s So Saucey!  I mean its all about myself, its all about me, it’s a introduction to myself, a six track introduction, listen to it, ya know what I’m saying. Get to know who I am.

ABM: Whose all on it?

Saucey: We got my artist my nigga, my artist Isaac Ware, I got Boo Banga from the Bang Gang, um who else, Riah Love, she features on “Put a Bow On It”. That’s my single.

ABM: Talk about “Put a Bow On It”, who shot the video, tell us about it?

Saucey: I put a lot of work into “Put a Bow On It”, that’s my baby. I put a lot of time into that song. I wanted someone who would kill the video, so I had to rock with Stewy Films.

ABM: Got cha. Tell us about your label and your artist roster. What is the name of your company and who are the artist?

Saucey: LPE. LazyBoy Paper Entertainment, we got King Keem, Yung Mar, WhyD, Isaac Warend, Stack Paypa, Queen Bri, and BetzyBaby. That’s just to name a few. We still building, definitely still building, everybody on there solid, everybody ready to work. All I gotta do is call, they just one call away.

ABM: What is it like leading a group of hungry artists as a CEO, while helping other artist flourish?

Saucey: Man it’s nice to have artists who follow you because they believe in your dream. They’re not following you just to ride the wave. They’re following you because they actually believe in you. They’re backing you up, you know hopefully you can give them what they need out of it. Like, especially what I need, I’m trying to please myself but at the same time, I know what they want as well. I’m trying to give them the same thing, the same opportunity.

ABM: That’s dope. Do you have any travel plans or shows coming up?

Saucey: No, not right now. Right now I’m just working on visuals and content and music and you know just trying to put the work out there. Features, that’s what I’m working on next. I’m sayin’ anybody willing to work holler at me. I’m not hard too find.

ABM: So what’s next for Saucey?  Do you have another project coming?

Saucey: Definitely, ahh man, I got songs out we just gonna figure out, which ones to put where.

Saucey: That’s dope. Any last words, shout outs?

ABM: Shout outs, shout outs. Shout outs to the LPE Gang nigga, shout out to my label. Shout out to the niggas that been sticking with me. Shout out to Ian from All Bay, you know what I’m saying. I got much love for you, love and respect. Shout out to Plizzy from Payday Studios, you know what I’m sayin! Shout out to everyone who really been supporting a nigga, and understand what I’m trying to do.

Ian Jackson
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