Nyesha Nicole

Nyesha Nicole is a upcoming rapper out of Richmond, CA. She has toured throughout the Bay Area locally, and has a full on interview and a good read. Check her out!

ABM: Tell us the story behind your hip hop name?

Nyesha Nicole: My name Nyesha Nicole is my government my “Real” name (lol).I have grown to love my name because of the simple fact that over the years I have gotten thousands of compliments saying how beautiful it is. Ironically however, a lot of people try to persuade me to change my name. Of course,people don’t actually call me “Nyesha Nicole” yet (lol). I go by Nee-Nee, NeeDouble, Ny and you may hear me refer to myself in my music as Nascar, because I stay on the gas literally and metaphorically.

ABM: What got you involved in the hip hop scene?

Nyesha Nicole: I am in love with music, I have been all my life. I have been rapping since elementary school. I won best rap and poem at Coronado. I was aired on local television interviewing and to say my rap “Stay In School”.I knew then I had a gift, so I kept writing and rappin off and on. I did talent shows, played instruments, and I was a Bay Area Stepper. 2014 I joined IG and the rap movement on the Gram got me juiced to test my skills. I decided to go hard on a solo song and see what it do. I hit my bro Laroo for a beat line. He plugged me with Trax FDR. Bought the beat for “REAL”, wrote the hook first,came with three 16’s and started looking for a studio. Recorded with Ant Banks Aird Out Records, he plugged me mixed and mastered it. I hit Roo again for video plug, he referred me to Cassius. Roo got my video posted on Hip Hop AveTV You Tube. When my video hit 300,000 views I was hook, line and sinker.People start hollering at me like don’t stop, keep going, the world needs to hear this shit, you dope! They lit my fire! The Success Label/Point Proven Ent.Put me on with lab time. I jumped in the booth recorded six songs real quick and started featuring with Phantom on a beat from TC and beats from The Grump.Right now I got a hot beat from Just Quality and two fire beats from Smackz I’m working on dropping real soon.

ABM: Where are you from and what was it like growing up there?

Nyesha Nicole: I’m from Richmond California, growing up there was survival of the fittest. The streets are a war zone and hustle is mandatory. My family came to Cali from Texas so my roots have always been different. I had to build and outer shell to cope with the hard knock life and streets of “The Rich”. I grew up living with my grandma, my mommy and my brother. My dad has always been in and out the Feds since I was born, he getting out this year after doing 11years. By 24 I had lost my mommy and my grandma and a couple years later my brother was murdered in Richmond. I lost so much…my loved ones, that its bittersweet.

ABM: What do you typically rap about?

Nyesha Nicole: I typically rap about getting money, being Real, Solid,staying focused, female shit, love, things that are bothering me and things that I feel people need to know.

ABM: What inspires you to be an artist? Who are your early influences?

Nyesha Nicole: What really inspires me is listening to music! When I hear a good song I feel it so deeply and it does so much for my soul its healing. WhenI hear beats that go crazy I want to write to it. Every artist from the Bay moving inspires me to keep pushin! My early influences are Too Short, E40, MacDre, Tupac, Hot Boys, Trina, Lil Kim, C.I.N., Philthy Phil. Today I am inspired mostly by Nicki Minaj and Dej Loaf, have me ready to go jump in the booth!
What are your last full length releases people can go check out right now?

ABM: What was your last release?

Nyesha Nicole: My last full length releases you can go slap right now just dropped in April are “Worth Whatever” and “Who’s Gonna Stop Me” on Proxclusiv Media You Tube channel. My video “Real” you can watch on Hip Hop Ave TV YouTube channel. My sound cloud got everything on there its clappin’!

ABM: What are you currently working on?

Nyesha Nicole: I’m currently working on my project “Heart of Diamonds”. I’m dropping a new single “Mind Shift” and video in July. I’m finishing up“Investment” and working on a new single “Act Like A Nigga”. I’m networking looking to collab and work with other artist. Also pushing my video “Real”.

ABM: What other artist have u worked with? Who would you like to work with?

Nyesha Nicole: I have been collaborating with my cousin Lady Phantom andThe Grump on “Check A Real Bitch Out” “Problems” and our latest “All OrNothing” I’m working on a feature with Niddie Banga “Investment”.

ABM: Have you done any shows?

Nyesha Nicole: I did a few shows throughout the Bay. I opened up for Joe Blow and A1 withPhantom. Opened up for Showy 4 Mayor show in Oakland. Did a couple shows inSan Jose with Rick Lee and Brian Lee Treetop Productions.

ABM: Any artists you would like to work with?

Nyesha Nicole: I would love to work with Kay Bellz, LiveWire, and The Success Label new artist Prezi.

ABM: What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career?

Nyesha Nicole: My ultimate goal at the end of my career is have motivated and inspired someone to be great. I am a writer, an artist and a poet. I want to showcase my writing skills with books, poetry, and movie scripts.

ABM: How can people reach you?

Nyesha Nicole:

Instagram: @NyeshaNicoleReal
Sound Cloud: NyeshaNicole
FB, Twitter: NyeshaNicole

ABM: Any Shout Outs?

Nyesha Nicole: Shout out Don P for acknowledging my movement. Laroo T.H.H.for supporting my dreams and believing in me. The Success Label for inspiring me and motivating me, Hip Hop Ave TV for helping my first video go crazy! Cassius for the dope visuals shot on Super Bowl Sunday! Shout out the whole damn Bay!It’s All Love! Heart of Diamonds!!!


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