Mac Kane

ABM: How did the stage name Mac Kane come about?

Mac Kane: Mac speaks for itself. (Laughs to self) That part, its either in you or it’s not. Grab my album and yall get that part FAST!!! LOL. Just being so versatile I mix with many ranges of people I’m a Mac and every SITUATION. Kane came from older cousins/uncle’s. I was the youngest one around, doing the most. Age 14 first tattoo. At my cousins bachelor party chilling with strippers. In L.A smoke outs with B.G, Killa Tay(West Coast Mafia) just a young one really in the mix. I was just a cold young mac, my cousin would call me “Young Kane” being funny referring to the character in Menace 2 Society, and it stuck. Mac Kane was born.

ABM: What do you typically rap about?

Mac Kane: I honestly rap about what I’m into. “The Brain Of A Mac’s Heart” is so consistent with staying on that topic. Woman, fast cars, money, hustling, and having a good time in life is what your gonna hear me speak on. People that really know me, know I speak truth in my music. And for those who don’t know me yet, they will feel the real. I’m a motivator. Feel good music. My music gone make you want to get some money, and step it up a knotch.

ABM: What are you currently working on?

Mac Kane: Just getting my new album out. We’re lining up some tour dates. Shooting videos now for the album. My producer Rob of Fyre hazard Productions has an album coming out soon and I did some Feat. For him so I’m grinding.

ABM: Whats your last visual release people can check out, tell us about it!

Mac Kane: I shot a Video to a single of my album “Her Loss”. I shot a Video to a single of my album “Her Loss” Its out on YouTube now. Much love to “Audible” he was at a show I did and seen me perform that song live. He really reached out to me and was like “what’s that song called? I got to shoot the video to that, that track is fire”!!! So I let him. I like the video a lot because it was just a regular ass day, he hit me on shooting video that afternoon, really spare of the moment. I was like shit I’m in the GTS Porsche today, got a few bucks on me lets shoot. Slid to Fyre Hazard studio’s for the footage The rest is history.

ABM: Any upcoming ventures you wanna let the fans know about?

Mac Kane: “The Brain Of A Mac’s Heart” is out on ALL digital outlets. Follow my YouTube channel “MAC KANE” bunch of new visuals on the way. I have some tour dates in the works and some ALL ON BABY merch under construction. So Follow my I.G for all the latest

ABM: Any special guest on this album?

Mac Kane: Yeah. I got D Lo on Fyre Hazard beat, songs called “2thamax” it’s fire! Dj Fresh made some beats for me. I put on of them on the album. Richie Rich Did a feat on that song, it’s called “Doin Me” slapper fa sho. And had to grab a beat from Fairfield’s own “B.C”. He made the beat for the first song off the album “All Night Long” it’s a real banger!!

ABM: Any last words or shout outs?

Mac Kane: All praise to God. My mom. My 5 beautiful children. Rob ROW of FIRE Hazard productions. This project is just as much his, as it is mine. Thanks to ALL my fans, and supporters. I Appreciate you all. This album is some serious heat. A little something on there for is some serious heat. A little something on there for everyone. And much love and respect to ALL BAY MUSIC for pushing my music as soon you caught wind. Keep doing what y’all are doing for the CULTURE.

ABM: How can people reach you?

Mac Kane: @mac_kane Is my Instagram and any #allonbaby hashtag usually has something to do with me. Snapchat BackwoodFat. Twitter I don’t use much but I have one @kane_aob. Youtube.


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