ABM: What is your Rap name? Tell us the story behind your hip-hop name?

Kingsman95: I go by the name of Kingsman95 also known as Yung King on previous releases . I use to go by the name Yung King because the rap group I was in we all were heavy on supreme mathematics. So we all called eachother kings and queens when greeting one another . Kingsman95 came about after some hard life choices brought me to getting locked up and finding god through a dark time . I took Kingsman classes through the Salvation Army and my birth year is 95 hence Kingsman95.

ABM: Has anything happened in your life that led to the decision of becoming a musician?

Kingsman95: Coming from an older father who grew up in the Bay Area in the 50/60s I was raised on a whole different genre of sound then what I’m into now . But I believe The Animals , The Beatles , Carlos Santana , Stevie Nicks , Tracy Chapman . All those older artists who really had a craft for music I was heavily involved in . My dad was heavy on Woodstock and the culture behind music . My mom came to the United States with my two sisters before I was born . My first language was Spanish . So I was raised also with Los Angeles azulez playing in the background all the time and my mom dancing and singing . Both my parents are life’s of the parties so I was destined to enjoy the atmosphere.

ABM: How did you get your start in the hip hop scene?

Kingsman95: Honestly just freestyling at parties like any other elementary kids . My buddy use to play guitar and I would play the djembe and we would play and freestyle almost with like a sublime style . And then I went to an Andre Nickatina concert at the Regency Ballroom and just fell in love with the rap scene the culture the sound . I loved everything about it . I was from a small town so coming to the city and hearing one of the dopest to do it perform it was amazing. First time opening up a big show was for We Stay Fly opening for Taj He Spitz and Da Hoodstarz in my hometown after releasing my first Mic Drop style video ( supreme mathematics ) . At the time . It was a major step for a freshman to be up on stage with his idols . Ever since a packed out show and the energy we felt that night I’ve been addicted since .

ABM: Where are you from, and what was it like growing up there?

Kingsman95: I was born in the Bay Area August 23 1995 . Early toddler years I was in EPA . Where I honestly think a lot of my influence came from . I grew up in a small town of Sonora , Ca . So moving to a small town from EPA . I was different me and my sisters were different. We spoke a different language . We dressed different. It was all a whole new experience and it was what makes my music so dope now . I have street experiences twisted with country living . Best of both worlds . Sonora Ca is a small town in Northern Ca that is really slept on . There is amazing artists coming from that region and it’s about to be known real soon .

ABM: What do you typically rap about?

Kingsman95: I typically rap about being a partner in life with my lady . Being a father . And just the honest experiences of life . That’s one thing . Feedback I get back at shows is every word you spoke I felt it . And that’s what I want . I want you to know that this is real life . I don’t want you questioning whether or not what I’m saying is real because everything is . I also since my early years have talked about god and spiritual experiences. Just have always been very spiritual due to the roots my mom have passed on.

ABM: What are your last full length releases people can go check out right now?

Kingsman95: I have a full solo album Thoughts In My Ashtray out now on all streaming platforms . Also the latest release that is out on YouTube is the Hallelujah – Kingsman95 ft J Bugz . Shot and Filmed by $aul¢y  . Also just posted A feature called So Real –  Afroman ft B Fresh of Block Movement. Available in all stores as well.

ABM: What are you currently working on?

Kingsman95: Currently working on dropping single ( Progress ) May 24 ft Shill Macc with a visual dropping shortly after . Also a visual with my big brother ChiefDebo owner of the Rare Vibes Only clothing line. Called Story For My Brothers. Stay tuned all 2024 I’m dropping!

ABM: Whats your last visual release people can check out, tell us about it.

Kingsman95: My latest visual is Die For You a mic drop visual from a single off the Thoughts In My Ashtray album . As talked about before I talk about being a partner in life and explaining to my partner I would really die for you. As being a protector and a man you have to be willing to fight and die for your family and as a man I am ready for that.

ABM: What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career?

Kingsman95: My ultimate goal is to honestly just make enough money with this music that can keep me involved because I love music . Whether it’s mixing , filming , performing I love every aspect . I make music for the emotional release so I’ll always make music but if I could make money comfortably and be just enjoying the time making music . What can beat that ?

ABM: How can people reach you?

Kingsman95: Norton Terzich on FB , IG @OFFICIALKINGSMAN95. Search me on Apple / ITunes – Kingsman95 – Spotify – Yung King – Kingsman95


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