J Kent & AJ Wesley

ABM: What is your stage names?

JKent: J Kent

AJWesley: AJ Wesley

ABM: Where are you from, and what was it like growing up there?

JKent: Sacramento California born and raised, Del Paso Heights specifically. Growing up in North Highlands was definitely an experience. I love my city, even though it was apart of our struggle throughout childhood, but it’s always a place I’ll call home.

AJWesley: Sacramento California, here in Del Paso Heights. Growing up in Sacramento is different. Theres so many different people and cultures and everything is spread out. People from all over the world come here, and that was a big inspiration for the music Jeremy and I make trying to be as diverse as possible but original at the same time

ABM: What are your last full length releases people can go check out right now?

J Kent & AJ Wesley: As far as recent full length releases, we’re a duo with our hit singles “Splash”, “Came Up”, and “Find A Way” featuring Teck Treyz, all produced by Money Gang On The Track, and our freshman album “Ups + Downs” all available on all streaming platforms.

ABM: What are you currently working on?

JKent: We’re working on new singles, really trying to focus on making sure each record is special. We’re in talks of working on our next project, whether it be an EP or album.

AJWesley: We’re working on new singles. Taking the time with our creative process to make sure our next work is at its highest quality. Also working on a feature with our artist Z.Vuitton, as well as the album or EP that we are in talks about doing.

ABM: What’s your next visual you plan on releasing, tell us about it.

J Kent & AJ Wesley: Next visual we plan on releasing is for “Find A Way” our record with Teck Treyz, also our new unreleased song “Guns and Roses.” Both videos will be directed and shot by videographer Jay Laced Visuals. Our videos are gonna be filled with a lot of substance and we’ll be engaging with the audience more than we ever have, showing the world the artists we really are.

ABM: Is there any artists you would like to work with in the future?

JKent: Definitely gotta be Iamsu, Drake, Justin Bieber, G-Eazy, Yung Pinch, Polo G, Post Malone, J. Cole, and Jack Harlow. Hands down.

AJWesley: There are several artists throughout my life that I’ve been inspired to work with. If I could name 5 right now, it would be: Tupac, Lauryn Hill, Drake, B.O.B., and Dr Dre.

ABM: Any business ventures you wanna tell the public about?

JKent: We’ve got our Team MoneyGang Clothing Line we’re building that’s available on our online store with exclusive MoneyGangEmpire merch for everybody to purchase. We’ve also got our own running independent record label, MoneyGangEmpire, that’s aside from what we’ve got with Moreilla Music Management.

ABM: Where can people find you online?

JKent: @jkent16 on Instagram, J Kent & AJ Wesley on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, everywhere you can get music digitally.

AJWesley: @treyajwes16 on instagram, search up J Kent & AJ Wesley on any streaming platform.

ABM: Any last words?

J Kent & AJ Wesley: For those who don’t know, a lot of people don’t realize that me and AJ Wesley are first cousins. We’ve been working on perfecting our craft for years, and pushing ourselves to the highest levels of superstardom that we plan to reach. We’d also like to give a major shoutout to our team, MoneyGang, Z.Vuitton, Nick Cassanova, Status, Pete Rodriguez, Indestre, JayLaced, and last but not least your publication at All Bay and our fans, the ones who make everything possible.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com

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