Brittney De’Fazio

ABM – Whats your name, what do you do, and what is the name of your company?

Brittney – Brittney De’Fazio my craft is eye lash extensions my company name is Athenas lashes.

ABM – What inspired you to create this company?

Brittney – Just the fact of being my own boss plus I love making people feel and look amazing,helping them enhance their beauty having confidence in themselves.

ABM – What are some of the industries that hire you? Have you worked with anyone in the entertainment industry?

Brittney – I’m a cosmetologist so anything in the beauty industry basically, but at this point in my life I am self employed and that’s what I love about being my own boss. I’ve worked with artist Mickey Shiloh and also Qui Rice (Jerry Rice’s Daughter), hopefully I can work with many more.

ABM – How does it feel being your own boss, and providing a service to women?

Brittney – Omg it feels so amazing I’ve always known I was going to be my own boss I’ve always set high goals for myself and told myself I’m going to achieve it, I love when I’m all done and they are all just so surprised on how they look some start crying it just feels so good I could have that positive impact on them feels good to help my ladies out.

ABM – Where can people go to find you online?

Brittney – Instagram @Athena_lashes , website, I’m still working on the website, but prefer the IG right now that’s where most clients can get ahold of me and book an appointment. Or you can reach me by email

ABM – Do you have a location where people can meet you?

Brittney – In the process of getting my business built, In the mean time I do it out of the hotel. I set up very professional and it would be by appointment only.

ABM – Any last words or shout outs?

Brittney – Yes I want to s/o @europeanian ,and @AllBayMusic and magazine,Also @dmoneyfmb550 aka my husband for helping me out with everything he’s been by my side since day one threw all the rough times he kept me going at a point I wanted to give up, but he kept pushing me and we are here now. Also my boy @chedda_fmb for making this opportunity possible.

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