BigMoney Quel

ABM What is your stage name? What inspired your stage name?

BigMoneyQuel: BigMoney Quel Is My Stage Name , What Inspired my Stage name most people know me as Quel also part of the BigmoneyGang , and when people usually see me they be like wassup Bigmoney oh you got bigmoney so I jus took it as im BigMoney Quel

ABM: What is your story in terms of music, when did you start making music? 

BigMoneyQuel: I started making music back in high school ill say 9th grade when I built a home studio in my house I use to ditch school with my folks during lunch just to go make a song and by time we was done with the song it was too late to go back ,but my story I talk bout a lot of real shit around me my hood, my niggas, family,never changing up just keeping all the way 100

ABM: How did your upbringing in East Menlo Park,CA influence your career?

BigMoneyQuel: It’s a lot of music going on in Menlo & EPA Area , I feel like I can be one of the faces to put on for the Lo

ABM: Do you have any music visuals in the works?

BigMoneyQuel: Yea, I have the Big Tymas Video Out Right Now Feat. Young Jr & im working on a couple more videos called BigMoney & Renni Rucci I feel like them two videos will be solid when they come.

ABM: How do you feel about the protests, and the black lives matter movement?

BigMoneyQuel: Ima Black Man and I stand with god, I really pray for a change for our people for a better outcome in this crazy world

ABM: Do you have any other projects in the works?

BigMoneyQuel: Yea, I have an EP Dropping July 12th Hopefully, Everything is All done with that but other then that ima work on Madblock Brothaz & Im Different 2 Deluxe.

ABM: What inspired you to pursue being an artist professionally?

BigMoneyQuel: Being Around other Artist in the industry & actually being on stage with them artist’s seen how they have fun doing shows im not really tryna be professional im just tryna get heard get my music played on radios & do shows im really just havin fun with it right now

ABM: Do you have any other lanes in music that interest you


ABM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

BigMoneyQuel: I can see myself signed in 5yrs or even less then that, I rather stay independent but other then that I see myself doing shows & making even bigger moves

ABM: Who are some of the musical influences that have inspired you?

BigMoneyQuel: Yea a lot rappers inspired me, Kamaiyah ,YG, HottBoyZay, RJMrLa ,TheBigMoneyGang , Young Jr etc

ABM: Is there any artists you would like to work with in the future?

BigmoneyQuel: I kinda don’t really like doing Features but ill fasho work with RJMrLa , Kamaiyah ,YG , Philthy Rich etc I like to keep it local Bay area but I will work with other people out of the bay area

ABM: Is there any last words or shout outs?

BigMoneyQuel: I Just wanna be successful & keep it lit for my self build my brand & my name up also keep the BigmoneyGang Goin. #BMG

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of