ABM: How did you stage name come about?

B- I got my name from my teammates when I played Basketball in DC and I always been called B all my life because my first name is Brandon but ever since my first basketball game at #10 boys and girls club I’ve gotten the nickname B.Love and I just ran with it .

ABM: What’s the most recent single you released?

B- I just released a single on my SoundCloud called “All that They Say ” produced fully by myself and it’s more in the vibey singing direction of my style.

ABM: What inspires you musically?

B- I’m inspired by Timeless music ! When I can play a song ten years from now and still fuck with it , that’s what motivates me , but also I like a lot of different styles of music so I guess it just depends on my mood at that time .

ABM: How long have you been making music?

B- I’ve been making music for about 4 serious years and 4 experimental years . I started producing in college (Morgan State University)and haven’t stopped since .

ABM: Who’s your favorite producer?

B- Damn that’s a hard one because my style is diverse . I like Galamatias and Timbeland , and if those two collabed with Pharrel that would be my favorite production team .

ABM: Who do you want to work with in the future?

B- I would love to work with Adele, Sade, John Mayer , John Legend, and SZA.

ABM: Where can we hear your music?

B- My music is all over ITunes , Spotify, Amazon, BeatsRadio , Pandora, YouTube ..etc

ABM: Where can we follow you?

B- Follow me on IG @ProducerB and you can stay tuned into who I’m working with next and when my music is coming out next .

ABM: Anyone you want to shout out?

B- Shout out to All Bay F**king Music for showing so much Love and Support through my Last EP I put out “Medicated” , My whole Fall Up team that’s out here grinding to make this dream come true , and My Lady Genevieve Groom for holding me down throughout this whole adventure, last but not least shout out to everybody doing something other than the normal .!! I got love for all of you !! keep grinding – B.Love !

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com