Axxion Deo

ABM: What is your stage name? 

AxxionDeo: My stage name is Axxion Deo. “Axios” means “worthy of, or deserving”. The term “Deo” is greek, and the meaning is “godlike”. I just put my own twist on Axios to what sounded cooler, but that‘s where the inspiration of the name comes from altogether, greek mythology.

ABM: Where are you from, and what was it like growing up there?

AxxionDeo: I moved around San Diego consistently when I was young, but when my mom gave me up to my grandparents I was brought up in San Ysidro. It’s right by the border, not even 5 minutes. It’s real small and not a lot going on there. Yet, almost everybody’s hustling and tryna make a way out for themselves usually, whether it be the right or the wrong way… they’re trying. I definitely got to thank that area for influencing my work ethic and wanting more out of life and for myself and my loved ones. 

ABM: What are your last full length releases people can go check out right now?

AxxionDeo: I used to drop a crazy amount of material every year and had so much more recorded but last year I tried to purify my creative approach and been obsessed with quality vs quantity. I should have the tape dropped and on all platforms by the time this magazine releases. Maybe a week or two after. Whatever the universe pushed for.

ABM: What are you currently working on?

AxxionDeo: I’m now onto my next tape, with a whole new creative approach. I record everyday and all my favorite artists are pretty consistent so I plan to drop an EP or tape about every 6-8 months till I gain album momentum. I want all quality though, if it takes longer then so be it.  

ABM: What’s your next visual you plan on releasing, tell us about it.

AxxionDeo: I have about 3 videos recorded with music that belongs to this immediate mixtape and I plan to drop one by one every few weeks as soon as my first project is released.  

ABM: Is there any artists you would like to work with in the future?

AxxionDeo: I’m a huge fan of music so I guess I’m open to working with anyone that likes my work and wants to create directly with me. specifically though, If I could choose I’d love to work with Future, 03 Greedo, Lil Pete, and Aflacko. Just to name a few. 
ABM: Any business ventures you wanna tell the public about?

AxxionDeo: Kanye really inspires me by murdering all aspects and avenues of creating, from innovating visuals to innovating clothing… all the way to live performances and everything else. So people can definitely expect me to be pushing hard in every creative form to do the same. I don’t only want be known for my music, but just being a creative powerhouse and a true definite artist.   

ABM: Where can people find you online?

AxxionDeo: All my social media and music platforms are all self titled @AXXIONDEO. I plan to have a website up soon that directs you to everything I have going on in my all my creative aspects, so like a one stop shop type thing you know. I want it to be easy to have access to everything. I release as soon as it hits the net, I don’t wanna make it difficult for people to connect with me and what’s going on. Especially if I got a bunch of different things going on  

ABM: Any last words?

AxxionDeo: I just wanna say I’m really aspiring and working dramatically to become a well known and respected name in the common household. I just want to be known as a rare breed by everyone. So people can expect to see me a lot in the next few years of my career.

Ian Jackson
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