Vagabond Lover- Electric Love

Electric Love
Vagabond Lover

Unlike the time between his 1st and 2nd EP’s, Vagabond Lover did not wait nearly as long to drop his 3rd, released on none other than Valentines Day. “Electric Love” is 5 tracks of love songs, very much different than the heartbreak theme of his last EP, “Basslines & Broken Hearts (see review here). Upon researching a little about this latest project, I came across an Instagram post of the cover art for this EP with a caption, “What most people don’t know is that the cover is actually a painting. What even less people know is I painted it. Your boy is a kind of a quadruple threat.” He goes on to shout out the photographer who inspired it, and the graphic designer who helped him “tweak” the photo lighting. So, not only is Vagabond Lover an artist in the musical sense, but he can wield a mean paintbrush as well!

To be an R&B singer, you have to be able to connect with an audience’s mind on both emotional and sexual levels. I have heard a variety of R&B singers who tend to go a little overboard on the sexual aspect and others who fall short. Sometimes, you never really know which way an R&B song is going to go. Some ladies love sexually charged lyrics, while others prefer the classier side. I am happy to report that Vagabond Lover provides the perfect amount of sexual energy and emotional bond in his music. The first single, “Right Now,” sets the mood for the whole project. It starts off just right, drawing you in with a soft, light tempo beat. The lyrics are sweet, much like the beginning of a relationship. This is the perfect “honeymoon phase” song where you can’t get enough of the person you’re with. The 2nd track is the part of a relationship where you’ve gotten through the shy stage and are opening up more. “Don’t Turn Out The Lights” is more sexually charged with the use of vivid imagery. The 3rd song, “If You Were Here” changes up the tone of the EP as Vagabond sings about missing his boo. This is the part of the relationship following an argument, and now he’s apologizing for what he said, and promising to do better. Moving on to the 4th song, “Can’t Get Enough” is the make up song of a relationship, where the emotional connection is strong after almost losing the one you love. Finally, closing out the EP is the song where the relationship is in trouble and may end. “Stay With Me” features Daphne Dominia. The smooth harmony of these two artists blend well together throughout this song. The track begins with Vagabond talking, thankful that she answered the phone. The following verses include reminiscing on the good times, begging her to stay, and finally the song comes to an end with the hook continuing to beg her to stay, leaving us wondering if she did.

I loved listening to and dissecting this project. In 5 tracks, Vagabond Lover managed to take us through a complete relationship. Beginning with the honeymoon phases to the first argument, back to being in love and finally, to the possible ending of the relationship. “Electric Love” is right! The whole project was electric with the perfect blend of sexual desire and emotional connection. Vagabond Lover continues to impress. We look forward to hearing what he has coming next.



Jen Kreidler
Staff Writer