Tha Committee – Terrible Towel

Tha Committee

The Terrible Towel mixtape

Tha Committee is much more than a rap group or duo. How is that you ask…. Its simple Tha committee is a rap duo which hails from the Steel City of Pittsburgh Pa. Both members of the committee (SBZ & Budda) have had similar life experience because SBZ & Budda or not only group mates they are also brothers & best friends.

It’s this life long bond that comes through whether Tha Committee are in the studio or on the stage the talent, passion, chemistry and commitment is evident.

It’s this life long bond that has allowed these talented brothers to develop a unique sound and style that can not be duplicated. Fresh off the release of their first mixtape “the Terrible Towel mixtape” the Committee have inked a management deal with & also a music & video distribution deal with Arucca Flyboy.

Tha Committee are currently out and about performing with upcoming dates in West Virginia,Alabama & NYC aswell as working on their first full length album.

In no time Tha Committee has seen their committed fanbase grow by the numbers.

Ian Jackson
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