T Millz the Rapper – Sacrafices

T Millz the Rapper

Northern California artist T Millz the Rapper proves he is a well rounded artist in his debut release “Sacrifices”. The 11 track release is impressive from the first track to the very end all the tracks on the T Millz debut release “Sacrifices” hold a quality that make you happy you gave the new upcoming artist a listen!

In the single “Bring It Home” he gets cryptic about bringing the light to himself and his team. The single is a vibe, and he has no problem letting you know how he feels about his hustle.

In the track “Deadman”, this tracks guitar strings and downtempo track compliments with the singing melodies and he talks about not giving up and feeling the weight of having to get out of the positions he’s faced with, and on his shoulders. This song is one that can be felt by people of all genres, this song is arguably a genre far away from the hip hop we expected.

Our favorite track “Live and Love” is a uptempo singing track and inspirational. He talks about having a baby boy on the way and reminisces about battling demons and overcoming a lot of his shortcomings.

After listening to the project a slew of times, it’s easy to argue about what track could be the strongest. In “Past Life” he talks about his former life and how he has grown into the new him.

In many instances listening to a new artist can be draining, but this artist makes you glad you gave him a listen, the material is very relatable, a far left from the bling bling lifestyle, and more music for every day people who are working for a better tomorrow. It’s all about “Sacrifices” and the obstacles of a working class hustler.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com