STP Los – Big Nawf 2

Big Nawf 2

Atlanta, GA artist STP Los drops a gem of a follow up to his 2018 release “Big Nawf”, and drops his anticipated “Big Nawf 2”, and drops 12 tracks of nothing but dope tracks for the streets. To say less, he brings it on every track.

In his intro track “Big Nawf 2”, he uses his millionaire mindset and raps with conviction about making smart business moves and inspiring the people around him to win. His track “Malicious Intent” the saxophone and tempo provides the opportunity for polished delivery, and STP Los rides the beat like a professional and lets us all know when it comes down to keeping to his plan he’s gonna land it by any means.

If your looking to a dope mob track, the single “Isha Wit da Asha” is fire, if your a fan of guns, this track got a bounce to it that is a stand out track on the album, and he features BlaxkBoi Prince Akeem, and he lays some dope vocals.

For the trappers his hustler anthem “Dope Boy Vibes”, he harmonizes a dope hook, and he talks about the come up and a hustlers paradise. This track he also shows dope versatility. Surely a song you can vibe, ride, and get money to.

He continues to highlight his hustle on the track “Nawfside Bean Talk”, and right here I like where he is taking the end to the album, cause this is that Atlanta that I enjoy here on the west side. With Nawfside Bean Talk its uptempo and fun, and STP Los shreds the beat and proves he could arguably one of the hottest rappers coming up out the south.

Start to finish, its not often we get a chapter of a artists life through a thorough and thoughtful piece of work, and from listening to STP Los 2018 release “Big Nawf”, and listening to his follow up “Big Nawf 2” he is show and proving he’s capable of making dope albums, and he is showing to be capable of having plenty of growth from here as an artist.

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