Spice 1 “Haterz Nightmare”

Spice 1

*Blaaaaw blaaaaw* Bay Area OG Spice 1, acronym for: [S]ex [P]istols [I]ndo [C]ash and [E]ntertainment is releasing his 15th album up to date entitled “Haterz Nightmare”. This classic record contains 11 unheard Spice slaps, features include, Bone Thugs Krayzie Bone, Katt Williams, Twista, The Game, WC & more.  Go support the OG himself and make your pre-order. Release date is set to June 13th and will be available on iTunes June 30th! www.spice1eastbaygangsta.blogspot.com


1. Sharks Up n Da Bay 2. Can’t Hold Us ft. WC & Bossolo 3. Haterz Nightmare 4. You Duckin 5. 4:20 Somewhere

6. She Can Make a Million 7. Katt Williams (Skit) 8. Gas Run Out 9. It’s On Me 10. In Da Rain 11. Moon Rock


Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com