Son of Paper – Fuzzy Orbit EP

Fuzzy Orbit EP
Son Of Paper

Following “Son of Paper EP,” “Fuzzy Orbit EP” is Son of Paper’s sophomore album. Through positive vibes, catchy instrumentals and hooks, SOP creates a world where there is no direction to go but up. Reflecting on love, family and big dreams, SOP has created a very cohesive EP for any and all listeners. Expanding the definitions of Asian-American identity is also on the forefront of SOP’s mind, which he does with grace. Come immerse yourself into the world of “Fuzzy Orbit EP” and discover one Korean-Chinese American boy’s perspective.

As a listener of the 6 track EP, one could definitely identify with his end of the year reflections, and the production behind the 6 tracks is all melodic and dreamy like records where one could definately find one self reflecting on your life. Such as in track 5 with Salt and Pepper, where his character is magnified, acknowledging his other half through his successful breakthroughs in life. Front to back Son of Papers sophomore album does not disappoint.

Ian Jackson
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