Sauce Money – Life Being Underrated

Life Being Underrated
Sauce Money

Detroits own Sauce Money comes hard from the start of his introduction track to the last track, in his latest release “Life Being Underrated”, which is a 11 track project released under Jemale Michal LLC.

The project hasn’t been out longer than a week and he has already dropped a new visual out for the intro track “No Distractions”, produced by 1800IT, is a dope start into a fire album. In the next track “Can’t Fuck With Me”, he explains the difference between his hustle in comparison to others around him, which is produced by Prince Jefe.

In track three, the Michigan Meech produced track “Confusion”, Sauce Money shows you the Detroit sounding production don’t stop, a lot like the tempo and delivery of a Tee Grizzley track, Sauce Money makes it known he connected with the streets in a similar fashion. He is reaching out to the hustlers and trappers in the world, and claims he don’t need no views or interviews, and that being certified is worth more to him than some rap fame.

In many cases of this generation, a full length project means a search for a hot track or two and skip the rest, but Sauce Money speaks facts through bars and braggadocious rap. In the uptempo DNel produced track “No Cap”, he continues to keep it real, and the back up vocals from Hef helps bring soul into the song. No Cap is Sauce Money’s way of keeping it real that life might be going well, but flip coin, it definitely isn’t all sweet.

Overall, all 11 tracks are worthy for a listen, and the “Life Being Underrated” project is a hot one that can be listened to from start to finish, if not put on repeat and let it go for a couple weeks before you finally decide that Sauce Money has the story, cadence, delivery, and ear for hot production, overall it’s questionable that this could be one of the hottest artists coming out of Detroit, Michigan.

Don’t sleep on this hot artist, he got a gang of hot producers behind the project, and not once does he disappoint throughout the entire project! Available on iTunes. Distributed by Jemale Michal LLC/RapBay/Urbanlife.


Ian Jackson
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