Razi Real – Loyalty is a Must

Razi Real

Razi Real of Talk Less Mob, Bay Recon Ent. just released his newest album of 2016 entitled, “Loyalty is a Must”! Razi, recently released a video for one of the hits on Youtube “Blood on my Feet” and continues to bring you more slappers! This album here contains 21 tracks with features from Al Gramz, Serio, Flakz, Big Happz & More! Make sure you follow @RaziReal for a free shipment of his newest release, Loyalty is a Must.


1. Prayer (Intro)
2. Blood on my Feet
3. Loyalty is a Must [Prod. by Bullet Loko]
4. Ice On ft. Al Gramz
5. Pay Pay Pushas ft. Al Gramz, Big Happz
6. Mouthpiece ft. Yng Snipez, Shark
7. M.O.B. ft. Big Happz
8. Hard to Find
9. Come Swoop ft. Al Gramz
10. Hatin On The Kid ft. Al Gramz
11. Wasup
12. Hood In Me ft. Mugsie
13. Pay off
14. Never Been ft. Al Gramz
15. Sell Something ft. Blackyy
16. Snake Eyes ft Flakz, Serio
17. Billion Dolla Chick ft. Lily
18. Feelin Myself ft. Al Gramz, Big Happz
19. On my Mind ft. Big Happz
20. My Level ft. Serio, Big Happz
21. Done Changed

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com