Mr. Juse – Hockey Masks and Body Shots

Hockey Masks & Body Shots

Some of the hardest killers out there are known by their mask and Mr. Juse (@mrjuse_fortknocks) has showcased on his newest project, “Hockey Masks & Body Shots” he will Jason Voorhees the booth. Lyrical strength is demonstrated in this full-length 15 track project where the listeners are exquisitely presented an upbeat rap style similar to some of the greats with an honest edge prominently mixed in. Painting a story or motif through the project is a notable feature for any project and HM&BS pulls up hot and ready with accentuated production as the icing. Artist like Kendrick, Eminem and Hopsin come to mind but I also could define the sound with some New York grittiness that works well on both upbeat and laid back beats.


Pay homage to the greats and real ones in Canada whenever you can as Mr. Juse does promptly in shouting out the legend Nipsey Hu$$le plus another few mentions. This guy has spent time researching the game and “Whatever You Bring” ft Denero (@denerodaboss) may possibly be my favorite track because the finesse clearly shows. There are more songs like “Switchin Lanes” ft D-Boy P. Chase (@paperchaserd) and “All Alone” which are perfect for cruising, but above all…don’t make bro get his hockey mask!

Ian Jackson
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