Majinn Kidd “Unndaground King”

Unndaground King
Majinn Kidd

Majinn Kidd “Unndaground King”

A new project filled with new age music that gives insight to a new Bay Area sound! @UNNDAGROUNDKING is all about the embracing the independent underground infrastructure in which the internet has given birth too before achieving success & everything that comes with it.

Here is the tracklist to his latest release:

1.Majinn Kidd – iGot ( DATNIGGAFRITZ)
2.Majinn Kidd – Catz  Ratz  (  DATNIGGAFRITZ)
3.Majinn Kidd – Like IM Snoop ( Raw Muzik)
4.Majinn Kidd – Calm Down (  DATNIGGAFRITZ)
5.Majinn Kidd – Came From  (  DATNIGGAFRITZ)
6.Majinn Kidd – Came From Pt.2 ( Raw Muzik)
7.Majinn Kidd – Waffle House  (  DATNIGGAFRITZ)
8.Majinn Kidd – Tell The Truth (  DATNIGGAFRITZ)
9.Majinn Kidd – DAWG  (  DATNIGGAFRITZ)

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