LROC-The Art of Playmaking

The Art of Playmaking

“LROC = Love. Respect. Obligation. Currency.” This independent hip hop artist from the Pacific Northwest has never strayed from the acronym that makes up his stage name. Throughout the last few years, he has worked hard to cultivate a solid team  he cofounded known as LX3 Entertainment LLC. Under LX3, he has released various projects, with his most recent ones being “For the Summer,” “X I X (Ten 4 Ten)” and his double album, “Luxury x Trap.” All his albums have led to the release of his newest one, “The Art of Playmaking.”

“The Art of Playmaking” is an album compiled of 10 tracks with all but two of them featuring other artists. Collectively produced by Bam Bam, Dash, Rob Nollan, TMAK, Mvllah, Drew_ P Bby and STOC, the beat selection alone is dope and reflects the versatility that LROC is known for as far as being able to change up his style and flow.

With the drop of the first beat, LROC instantly takes charge, making his presence known, and continues that same energy throughout the entirety of the album. As is his style, he talks his shit about trapping, hustling, bitches and making dope music. One of the things that sets LROC apart from other rappers who talk about similar subjects is his smooth style. The combination of his low, raspy voice and his eloquent vocabulary is one of the things that creates the attraction to want to continue to listen as each track plays one after another. LROC is one of the few artists who can draw both male and female fans, respectively. He is gritty enough for men to want to bump his music, while being smooth and suave enough to attract his female audience.

Now, not every single song is going to be a hit. Some songs are going to be better than others, and overall, it is all based on opinion anyway. When collaborating with various artists with assorted styles, it can be especially difficult to blend everyone together without there being a disconnect between verses. This is one thing I was worried about when I first saw the track list, however it was baseless after listening through the project the first time. Knowing what an artist is capable of is a skillset LROC clearly possesses. Utilizing his ingenuity, he perfectly pairs his featured artists with the beats that suits them the most. Every featured artist did an excellent job in bringing LROC’s vision to life.

LROC is the type of artist who elevates those around him, and “The Art of Playmaking” demonstrates his true playmaker abilities. From the production and engineering to the features and sequential order of the songs, this whole album is a must add to the collection of instant classics. There is no doubt I will be listening to this album far into the future. If you are not familiar with LROC and LX3 Entertainment, I suggest you check him out, and follow him, for not only his past music, but to see what he is planning to do next. Be sure to check out LROC and his team on

Jen Kreidler
Staff Writer