Lil Bez “Crashing Worldz”

Lil Bez

Some genres of music do not evolve much but rap has probably undergone more overhauls than other genres combined. Hardcore hip hop or gangsta rap seemed to reign for many years but the youngsters of today are bringing in their own uniqueness. Putting an umbrella on the style you could classify it as swag rap but each artist is putting their own branch on the brand. Lil Bez (B Easy) aka Bitch.Everything.Zaang is the founder of a new movement called Team Fabulous aka Fab Gang. The Washington based artist has been at it for awhile garnering a heavy fan base from his days on myspace. With his infectious image and ability to draw the attention of female fans he was able to garner over 600,000 myspace plays and over a million myspace profile views. His success would even carry to soundclick where Bez would receive over 3,000,000 plays and 2,000,000 views. This year marks the release of his first mixtape under his new movement titled “Crashing Worldz”

Lil Bez – Crashing Worldz (Download) @itslilbezbitch

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