Iamsu! – California


Iamsu! is no doubt one of the more successful and respected hip hop artists from the Bay Area. Always repping his hometown of Richmond, CA, Iamsu has continued to impress his fans with the content he releases. His latest EP, “California” consists of 4 tracks that are nothing short of a dope vibe. Normally, short EP’s have me wanting more, but the way this project was constructed just goes to show that it isn’t about the number of tracks, but the quality of the music.

Iamsu kicks it off with “Stay Humble,” where he instantly goes in on spitting some free game on top of telling his story that made him who he is now. The relevancy of his lyrics and his energy throughout this track will easily have you vibing with it. One of my favorite things about this song is the constant switch ups on the flow and the fact that there really isn’t a clear hook. Iamsu just spits straight game over a dope beat that starts out simple, but has a number of elements added that continuously heightens the emotion of the track with each new addition to the beat.

“PCH” is next, and if you’re from California especially, you know that this is an acronym for “Pacific Coast Highway,” the major highway that hugs the West Coast. This track is more of a chill, driving type song. LA artist, Tyler Langley is featured on this one and her soulful and old school type style ties the whole track together perfectly.

Iamsu gets Lil Jon on the next track, “Yay Area.” This feature makes this song the party song it is! Lil Jon’s non-stop, high energy paired with Iamsu’s smooth vocals and dope rhymes makes this a top single that you have to put on repeat. I dare you not to start dancing when this song is played.

To end the EP, Iamsu reps his city with “510.” This song is one of those that Bay Area residents can easily vibe to as he name drops various locations including street names and food spots. Not everyone who hears this song is going to be able to relate completely, but if you love your city as much as Iamsu does in this song, you’ll understand the reasoning behind this song being on the EP.

Overall, Iamsu has created a dope EP with a song for everyone. Whether you want to hear great lyrics and free game, ride down the highway, or party it up in the club, “California” has something for everyone! Check it out now and run it up for one of the dopest artists from the Bay Area.

Jen Kreidler
Staff Writer