Hurt Everybody “2K47”

Supa Bwe x Carl





Hurt Everybodys 2K47
Hurt Everybodys 2K47


The Chicago Trio Consist of producer rapper Supa Bwe, Carl and producer/beat maker Mulatto Beats. This is their first official body of work. It features Twista, Mick Jenkins, Alex Wiley and Saba.These artist all are coming out of Chicago at perfect timing right after Chance The Rapper dropped his Debut Acid Rap. He has opened lanes for artist like Hurt Everybody to prosper. ¬†This mixtape is next level in terms of production and lyricism. The beats consist of airy spacey trap influenced production. They’re Cosmic sing-songy cloud rap floats over the production nicely fitting into the pockets of the beats concisely. This up and coming group is definitely one to keep your eye on.
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