Gotti x Alley Kat – APTZALLSTARS


Bay Area artist Alley Kat (@alleykatlive) and Gotti (@bugatti_trappn) drop 7-track APTZALLSTARS Volume 1. Getting right into it, it’s clear not to mess with the Mob.

“On bloodz” is track #2 and a real song for love sick soldiers. This song speaks on not just females, but also from the energy spent for undercover opps faking family. Whether it’s fam or foe, the heart is the most dangerous gift so if you not into giving it away, slap track #3 “Ain’t No Tellin” just to get you right. This whole project embodies the Bay Area mentality for real ones. For those stuck at home if any, they will be pleased to know they still can’t go outside if they cross the APTZALLSTARS lineup. Things happen and life can be full of surprises, but the song “Everytime” cements how it is and how it will be while track #7 “Mobbin” is laid to rest which was my favorite beat over the entire project if I had to choose.

Check out APTZALLSTARS Volume 1 whenever you have time because these 7 songs show you how Alleykat and Gotti mobbin.

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