Frankieluv & OGMProd – Weed and Heartbreaks

Weed and Heartbreaks
Frankieluv & OGMProd

Northern California artists Frankieluv and OGMProd team up on a thirteen track vibe “Weed and Heartbreaks”, a hip hop drop storyline raps about cannabis and women.

Frankieluv and OGMProd prove they can stay on topic with the theme being Weed and Heartbreaks, which is nice to switch the channel and hear two Northern California artists who made a project aimed in two things we all love… cannabis and women.

On the intro track they show the tone and vibe of the album, which shares the same title as the album. On “Commotion”, they smooth over their women that are upset with their music lifestyles. The next track “Dough”, is a smooth rap-catchy money anthem, and definitely a dope track.

All in all…the project is a smooth listen with some much needed visuals needed in the distant future help capture the talent coming from these two dope artists, and to allow the listeners to see the creatives work, up close and personal.

Ian Jackson
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