Dre! – Big Bidges

Big Bidges

West Philadelphia hip hop emcee Dre! takes us on a jazz infused hip hop journey in his latest release “Big Bidges”, an honest 10 track work-of-art.  His first track sets the tempo for a smooth jazzy painted backdrop to his story with “Permanent Mood”, and reflects his come up out of West Philly.

The piano backdrop and raw drum beats helps him continue into the next track called “Chamba”, and he really shares a peak into his thought process for a typical day. The examines his mental thoughts, and with as many random thoughts he penned, he shows his imperfect creative thought process.

In “Day Party Dre” he gives his Bay Area shout out to us Baydestrians and our cannabis culture, as he talks to a beautiful shorty about his lifestyle, and he lets brutal honesty pave his way on the track.

Overall the 10 tracks are all packed with story line rhymes, dope metaphors, and a real journey with a artist who is sharing his story raw and uncut.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com