DDJ – Trust No.1

Trust No.1,

Check out Bay Area upcoming artist DDJ new 13 track masterpiece out now titled Trust No.1, which start to finish is all thoughtful uplifting word-play mixed with clean production. In the first track he preaches clarity in the opening track “Mind 2Gether”, and he shows his intentions to succeed in his lyrics, and preaches to his fellow man about inserting good women into their lives.

The track “Konstructive”, which is the 3rd song on the project is our favorite track cause DDJ makes an anthem for black people about building themselves up and not tearing themselves down. When modern day hip hop is filled with so much negativity listeners can get a different energy with this single, this is for the go getters!

Throughout the album DDJ speaks his truth and shows his craftsmanship as an artist and lyricist, and in the final track he makes a memorable track for the ladies in “Sacred Love”, and upliftings the women in his life, and his singing ability mixed with his penmanship theres no denying DDJ is one record away from a long and successful career.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com

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