Chato – Alive With No Heart

Alive With No Heart

East Oakland’s own Chato comes with a memorable 16-track masterpiece in his sophomore album “Alive With No Heart”, and the energy on the album is aggressive yet genius, and lyrically Chato shows us he’s on the list of Oakland rappers you can’t sleep on.

In the opening track “Why They Mad”, he gets on a energetic beat produced by Kelly Portis, and in the track he pops fun at his opps and has fun exposing his opps loose bitches, and has fun talking shit to haters. Another track with a similar vibe “Broke Hoes”, the East Oakland hot boy and graduate shows his pen game is strong and reps the mob, and mob’s on at broke hoes, opps, and haters. The production by Dizzee on the Beat is energetic, and forces Chato to slay the track like a professional.

One of the standout tracks “Can’t Be Touched” starring Miami has an energy that can’t be touched, and Chato let’s it be known he’s outside as if he was untouchable. Overall this collaboration is dope, Miami spits bars and proves his talent can keep up with Chato, and the collaboration between the two on a Maine Tha God production proves worthy.

In “Lifes Cold”, I feel the triumph of Chato reflecting in making it out of the streets, and the instrumental provided by U-Dub of NY Bangers helps Chato bring less aggression and more thought provoking lyrics, and the sample in the background combined with Chato’s realness screams another possible stand out track that could be labeled as hit worthy.

All in all, this album “Alive With No Heart” by Chato is a certified East Oakland street classic! Chato represents for streets, the slums, the dope boys, and a long list of great artists representing Bay Area mob music. Chato puts on for mob music and if you give it a listen you won’t deny him.

Ian Jackson
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