Kunta – Death Before Betrayal


Black Market artist Kunta takes listeners on a ride thru Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood with his latest release “Death Before Betrayal”. On this album he gives listeners a look into the lifestyle of pistols, prison, paranoia, and street power. His dedication to his gang is felt on every track as he shows how far he is willing to go to protect and represent his side, which is all the way to the casket if needed.

Kunta has put together an explosive track list filled with hoodtales of gangs, gunplay, and the risk that come with being fully dedicated to the streets. On songs such as “Every 1 “ featuring  Mozzy and Celly Ru he gives an example of his loyalty to his brothers over an eerie track filled with flows that show how real it is in the field. Dealing with the consequences of street wars that have been raging for years Kunta delivers a realness that showcases his authenticity on each song.

“By The Rules’, featuring J Stalin is a catchy cut that’ll get the gangsta party started. “Looking for a Lick”, featuring Lil Blood and Lil June sticks to the script of the street giving listeners a precautionary tale of  the activities that go down when you think with wrong head and become a come up in someone else’s come back.

From shell cases to court cases Kunta gives you a glimpse of the struggles of the hood and the murder mentality that is prevalent in inner cities across the country. This album is available on the legendary Black Market Records and a must have for all gangsta rap fans.

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Ian Jackson
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