Azure “Leap Year”


Azure releases a new fire LP titled, “Leap Year”, produced by himself, Kuya, DJ, Wilke, and Julian.  The 12 track LP is stacked with 12 tracks that have some new era smooth classic hip hop beats with punchy lyrics, and one interlude track.  Fans have been waiting for Azure to release his own project after hitting some fire features through out the last two years in between this Lp and his last mixtape,  Mint Condition, released in 2013.  The 12 track LP has features from Murs, Clyde Shankle, Jay Ant, Marc E. Bassy, David Micheal, 1-Oak, and a mystery feature on his last track! Some standout tracks are his tracks “Cut the Lights” and “Under the Sun”.  Slap the project, go buy it in below widget, and let him know if you feelin it! ~ @PlizzyPlizatt

Ian Jackson
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