Dru Heff The Rydah “#MARSWORLD”

Dru Heff

Dru Heff The Rydah explains to us, just like my brother, RAP WON’T EVA DIE CUZ IT CAME FROM THE STREETS FIRST. IN A SPIRITUAL SENSE BUT PHYSICALLY MY HOMIE died in police custody on the 15 of JULY 2015. He was having a sever asthma attack, being made worse by nasal polyps. Court orders were made that said he needed surgery, to have this corrected. That was never done. On the mornin of the 15th After several attempts of contacting the technician,( the person responsible for electronically controlling all doors and phones TVs and radios),which also means they have immediate contact to the entire jail and visual on the whole pod east and west side, he was ignored by the deputy working that shift. (ALAMEDA COUNTY SHERIFF, DUBLIN CALIFORNIA OF SANTA RITA JAIL , EAST BAY AREA COUNTY JAIL) acknowledged Mario several times, ignored not only his requests for help but also every other inmate’s on the floor at that moment because they had just been released for pod time (recreation in the day room, tvs phones). These Sheriff’s Have long showed they don’t care for us and many times I’ve been incarcerated and they always tell us “this is our house not yours’ We run The jail” I never thought their hate would touch so close to home. I made this mixtape To forever keep my brothers name alive, while recollecting on our Life through Ghetto poetry. #GANGLANDPOETRY I like to call it. Most of all so his story , like so many others currently being swept under the rug, will be exposed and brought to the light. Maybe these powers that be will feel our pain N make a change for the BETTER. – Dru Heff The Rydah

All I wana say is that they DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT US.-2 PAC

– @TheRydah

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