ABM: What is your model name?

My model name is “Empress.”

ABM: Where you from? Tell us about your family…

I am from Oakland, CA. My family is very close and we’re open with one another. Everyone is very self-sufficient, but we are all supportive of each other.

ABM: Being that you’re in entertainment, what got you into it?

I became involved in entertainment because I always found myself amongst entertainers. I watched others fulfill the craft of writing literature, recording music and performing dance and I soon became involved. I also witnessed money being made and as I’ve always had the natural ability to be savvy with different forms of entertainment, I became involved.

ABM: Can you tell us some of the gigs you have worked?
I always find myself involved with something. I host parties; record release parties, after-parties, clothing release, private birthday/bachelor/bachelorette parties… As I’m a traveling dancer, I make my way to some of the best clubs, where I’m amongst other top entertainers.

ABM: What’s your measurements?
I’m very petite, but I’m curvy. My measurements are 34B-24-39

ABM: What kind of men do you like?
I don’t have a particular preference in men, but I love a man who is independent, versatile and always fresh. I love for my men to smell good, dress nice and be able to treat me to nice things, as well as introduce me to new things, from many different aspects.

ABM: How long have you been doing modeling?
I’ve been involved in modeling- on and off- for the last 4 years.

ABM: What places have you traveled to pursuing your career?
While pursuing my career I’ve traveled from California, to different cities within Nevada, Washington, Arizona and’m now residing in and continuing to pursue my career in Miami, Florida.

ABM: Who has been influential in making you pursue a career?
My support system is within my host of family and friends. Any endeavors that I express interest toward and/or begin to pursue, my family and friends are very supportive and support itself is extremely influential- I have SO MANY people to credit for being great influences.

ABM: What’s your best memory working in the entertainment industry?
Working in the entertainment industry, my best memory is having traveled to Miami for the first time in August of 2010. Coming from Oakland, California to Miami, Florida, I Iearned the business aspect of the indistry and the difference in hospitality for the exotic dance industry itself, compared to the West coast. My first visit to Miami enlightened me much more about the importance of branding myself and maintaining an image as an entertainer, while keeping separate my personal life. The best memory is basically the growth that quickly transpires as you embrace the right ethics of this business. Amongst all the fun and money, recollections of growth are my best memories.

ABM: Have you met anyone famous?
I always meet famous people, of all different calibers. From Indie to mainstream music artist, to athletes, well known celebrities, to the more low-key, yet,  prominent individuals. I always find myself amongst the famous and infamous.

ABM: Your pictures are amazing, you must work out a lot and live a very healthy lifestyle?? Any tips for us trying to get it together?
I’m actually a perpetual eater who does not work out. I’ve always been naturally fit, luckily. The only “healthy lifestyle tips” that I can suggest is to follow the rules of the healthy eating pyramid and create a workout plan that works for you.

ABM: Any last words or shout outs?
I’d like to shout out my hometown, Oakland, California and the Bay Area as a whole. I’d also like to express my appreciation to my family and friends, as well as everyone who has been and continues to be supportive of me as I pursue my personal endeavors.

Ian Jackson
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