Santiago Dangerous

ABM: What’s your model name?

Santiago Dangerous: Santiago Dangerous

ABM: Where were you born and raised?

Santiago Dangerous: Sacramento, CA

ABM: What is a cultural heritage or ethnicity?

Santiago Dangerous: The culture you were raised in, born in, and identify with completely.

ABM: Who inspired you to take modeling seriously as a career?

Santiago Dangerous: My friends around me witnessing the product of my works.

ABM: What are of modeling interests you and why?

Santiago Dangerous: It’s expression in motion, the muse is never stagnant constantly growing and emoting, we are social creatures and modeling allows us to feel and connect just through a photoshoot.

ABM: What is your favorite genre of music?

Santiago Dangerous: Reggae, blues, R&B, & Rap

ABM: Any favorite musicians you like to listen to?

Santiago Dangerous: Bob Marley, Lil Wayne, Fats Domino, FKA Twiggs, & Hot girl Meg!

ABM: What kind of women do you like?

Santiago Dangerous: All kinds of women they are all so beautiful and unique. Strength and confidence get me everytime.

ABM: What are you favorite things to do with your spare time?

Santiago Dangerous: Connect and create with my friends.

ABM: What is your favorite foods you like to enjoy?

Santiago Dangerous: Any seafood Cajun style. And potatoes!

ABM: Are there any places you would like to visit?

Santiago Dangerous: Everywhere! There’s no limit.

ABM: What’s your best moment in modeling so far?

Santiago Dangerous: Having people who believed in me from day one come back and say how they are so proud and knew it all along.

ABM: Any last words or shout outs you will like to give?

Santiago Dangerous: This industry is a community we function together. I grew up playing basketball and we were as strong as each other. We would highlight each other of course, but we needed each other to be able to elevate each other. Let’s continue to elevate and uplift. Because even this opportunity is available to be because of all of you who believed in me. Thank you.


Height: 5’5
Weight: 118
Hair color: brown
Eye Color: green
Bust: 33
Cup: B
Waist: 27
Hips: 37
Shoe: 7.5 US
Dress: 3-4

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