Linda Boo

ABM: What’s your model name?

LindaBoo: Linda Boo

ABM: Where were you born and raised?

LindaBoo: Sacramento

ABM: What is a cultural heritage or ethnicity?

LindaBoo: Filipino and Mexican

ABM: Who inspired you to take modeling seriously as a career?

LindaBoo: I’ve had friends that pushed me to start modeling. Once I got in the industry I pushed myself to continue it. Confidence isn’t an easy thing to build and it takes a lot for a person to get in front of the camera so the only person who can inspire you is yourself.

ABM: What are of modeling interests you and why?

LindaBoo: I love how a simple a picture can capture my entire personality, shape, attitude etc. I love meeting people in the industry and learning from others as well.

ABM: What is your favorite genre of music?

LindaBoo: I love R&B and old school. I tell people all the time music is so different now what happen to all the love stories and smooth beats.

ABM: Any favorite musicians you like to listen to?

LindaBoo: I don’t really have anyone I like to always listen to. I’m pretty universal.

ABM: What kind of men do you like?

LindaBoo: Men lol well my eye always seems to attach to Filipinos, Asian of some sort or those mix babies but I will say whatever comes my way who knows.

ABM: What are you favorite things to do with your spare time?

LindaBoo: I love to pamper myself. Go get a massage, nails done, shopping, and facials. I also love to dance so on my spare time I try to drop in to classes and I also enjoy working out.

ABM: What is your favorite foods you like to enjoy?

LindaBoo: My favorite food is definitely Chinese food.

ABM: Are there any places you would like to visit?

LindaBoo: I want to visit as many places as I can. My goal every year is to go out the country and travel to a place in the states. So far I have been doing it. Right now I would love to go to Thailand but the corona virus put that on hold lol

ABM: What’s your best moment in modeling so far?

LindaBoo: Best moment right now is placing 2nd at the raceworz car show and it was only the second show I have ever attended. That same month I literally just started modeling. Although, I will say overall best moments is being recognized for my modeling. I only started 6 months ago and things have been blowing up for me.

ABM: Any last words or shout outs you will like to give?

LindaBoo: I would be honored to be the next All Bay Top Model. Building confidence for women is so hard and we have to deal with a lot of negative energy but it takes strong women to continue to keep that head high and keep pushing. In my career that is all I ty to build in the youth is confidence because with that you can do anything. Shout out to my supporters and biggest fans, who believe I can do huge things in this industry. Big shout out to my friends and family who have my back.


Height: 4”11-5ft (in between)
Weight: 115
Hair color: Blonde/Brown
Eye Color: Light brown
Bust: 32
Cup: C
Hips: Size 3
Shoe: 5
Dress: Small

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