ABM: What’s your model name?

Cookie: Cookie because growing up I loved and was highly addicted to chocolate chip cookies , friends and family called me the Cookie Monster
And as I grew up everyone just began calling me cookie . So when I started modeling I loved it since it’s short and formal .

ABM: Where were you born and raised?

Cookie: Born and raised in Redwood City , California with my grandparents where I slept on one queen size bed with 5 other family members for half my life

ABM: What is a cultural heritage or ethnicity?

Cookie: Latina . Half Mexican half Salvadorian

ABM: Who inspired you to take modeling seriously as a career?

Cookie: My grandmother she made me feel like I could do anything and everything ! Become anyone I wanted to be and accomplish every goal and reach every dream !

ABM: What part of modeling interests you and why?

Cookie: Body positivity, the fact that everyone has an opportunity to feel and be beautiful modeling is for all shapes and sizes and I’m all for that . I hated myself everything about me to the point that I wore baggy clothes up until I was 18 just to hide my body and pounded my face with makeup to hide any imperfections and after modeling I started to love myself. I started showing off my body and taking pictures and videos without any makeup and I still felt amazingly beautiful.

ABM: What is your favorite genre of music?

Cookie: I love hip hop and R&B. Being raised in the Bay Area that’s always the movement for the younger generation but I was also raised in low income gang infested areas where suicide homicide rape and children who went to bed hungry lived. I was system impacted and given a subpar education so when I listen to these artist I can feel exactly where there coming from and the fact that they were able to achieve something greater always motivated me to want and do better .

ABM: Any favorite musicians you like to listen to?

Cookie: My favorite rapper is Tupac his music helped me cope with my anxiety stress and depression that I struggled with growing up ! & I love to start my mornings with Michael Jackson because his music uplifts my soul and puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day .

ABM: What kind of men do you like?

Cookie: I love a real gentlemen ! A man that takes charge but isn’t controlling. Cash app me 1,000 and tell me to be ready by 8pm kind of man haha no but seriously I love an entrepreneur who wants to help others and spread kindness just as much as he wants to be successful and wealthy ! like Gary VEE he’s my favorite.

ABM: What are you favorite things to do with your spare time?

Cookie: On my spare time I love to volunteer at local organizations and educate friends family and people within my neighborhood about how to rise above poverty.

ABM: What is your favorite foods you like to enjoy?

Cookie: I am not a picky eater I will eat everything and anything . I love all food ! Especially Japanese food . So if anyone wants to take me to Japan I’m ready to go like yesterday !

ABM: Are there any places you would like to visit?

Cookie: Not one specific place but I would love to travel all over the world one day only for the people and the food.

ABM: What’s your best moment in modeling so far?

Cookie: My best moments would be modeling with cars just because cars fascinate me and If you gave me a choice between a Chanel bag or rims I would take some Forgiatos for the coupe. Cars make me look good and I make them look good so it’s a win win.

ABM: Any last words or shout outs you will like to give?

Cookie: I want to thank all of my supporters and I want to thank myself as well. And I want everyone to know that their beautiful no matter their size or shape please spread kindness to each other as much as you can . You never know what someone is going through so please just be patient with your fellow humans and most importantly be kind. Focus on and stay true to yourself. Everyone’s going to judge you and have an opinion don’t take advice from people that aren’t where you want to be in life and don’t listen to the hate don’t give in to the negativity. Don’t agree don’t go with the flow speak up stand up for what you believe in. Find happiness don’t wake up each day hating life be you be real and be happy!


Height: 5’1
Weight: 140
Hair color: dark brown
Eye Color: Blue,green,yellow,gray
Bust: 34
Cup: D
Waist: 26
Hips: 34
Shoe: 5.5
Dress: 4

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