We partnered up with Even Rights to create a charity event for the 15 seeds program, which is dedicated to providing a better way to educate the youth and keep them off the streets by providing real opportunities and experiences with building their own business.  The basketball tournament will help raise funds for the program and will allow the Young Hustlers to create a broader impact with their vision of creating a system of learning that is more efficient in this era of poor education and corrupt school systems. The tournament will be held at Merritt college in Oakland on June 11th, the event will be DJ’d by DJ Mind Motion and will be a good time for participants and anyone who wants to come watch, support, or enjoy a day out with family and friends.  Go to the link provided below and sign up with your team of 5 or sign up as an independent player to be placed on a team.  We will be providing each team with jerseys and a prize for the winners.  Come out and show some love, it is going to be a good time.