Is Berner Northern California’s richest Rapper?

What is COOKIES? The Cookie Fam by Berner’s Household Strain

Berner, also known as Gilbert A. Milam, Jr. is a 38 year-old rapper and cannabis strain developer. Today, you can find his work alongside some of the greatest artists, growers and cannabis connoisseurs of all time including Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg. If you did not already know this Berner is also a Bay Area native with an impressive net worth. At 13 Berner moved to Arizona where his Dad opened a Mexican restaurant with aspirations of becoming a financial powerhouse and supporting his family. This entrepreneurial spirit took the strain developer far not only in cannabis but also in rap.

Later in life Berner launched an independent rap mixtape called “Dirty Sneakers,” that started his path towards a legitimate music career. His first association with “Tha Jacka,” is a rap collaboration that goes down in history. Berner can also be seen working on albums with Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg and B-Real of Cypress Hill. In addition, Berner has flexed serious muscle in the cannabis industry as a businessman. Focusing on building a business in different areas of the industry including branding, cultivation and fashion, Berner’s presence is clearly smokin’.

Got Girl Scout Cookies by Cookie Fam?

If you didn’t already know, Girl Scouts selling cookies outside of the grocery store are not associated with Berner the rapper. In fact, the Girl Scout Cookies you can see at the Cannabis Cup winning awards are actually a hybrid strain of Berner’s own creation. The blend of OG Kush and Durban Poison is in NO WAY associated with Girl Scouts or their cookies. Also known as Berner’s Cookies after the man himself, his brand Cookies met the mainstream with the Cookie Family collective. Crossing two of the most popular strains, this underground family has elevated the entire weed game with this exclusive household strain.

The Bay Area artist credits the success of launching the Cookies brand in 2012 with putting the product in the hands of Wiz Khalifa. Today, the strain is a smoker’s delight at COOKIES dispensary, at home and on-the-go. You can also see that the Cookies brand effortlessly developed streetwear clothing that includes apparel and accessories for men and women.

As part of Berner’s takeover of the cannabis industry, Cookies dispensaries can be seen all over America in places like San Diego, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Baltimore as well as in Detroit. Berner is becoming a global figure as an entrepreneur along the likes of Willie Nelson, Breal of Cypress Hill and Yung LB from Runtz.

A Breakdown of Cookies the Strain

Cookies is a crossbreed strain with an average of 25% to 28%THC with an ultra-low 1% CBD/CBN content. That is not the only reason Cookies is a household brand name though. Puffing on GSC’s delivers one of the most satisfying highs with an enticing flavor and aroma that draws you in immediately after the first hit. Girl Scout Cookies is known to rocket you into a galaxy of euphoria leaving you with a body high that tingles in all the right places. The experience of riding waves of happiness, creativity and the giggles makes Girl Scout Cookies a leading strain among artists and novice smokers alike.

The growing techniques for Girl Scout Cookies vary but on Berners Cookie Fam Farm the soil and hydro systems both cycle on a timeframe of about 10 weeks to flower. Several phenotypes of this famous cannabis strain include Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies. Girl Scout Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid strain of OG Kush and F1 Durban Poison that also includes Cherry Pie (another strain by Berner). The Bay area rapper developed this strain with a bright purple color, twisting greenery and firey orange hairs. Check out their online store, at – now with online ordering available for local residents.

What is Berners Net Worth?

It is estimated that Berner’s music skills and cannabis talents have made him alot of money. In 2014, Cookies in San Francisco reached a milestone of over 60,000 units sold and blew Cookies up into a franchise. It is estimated that his current net worth is 30 million dollars as the founder and CEO of Cookies. His high-ranking position did not come without a cost of course and if you listen to his music, Berner will tell you himself about the hard work and dedication it took to get where he is today. Recently, Cookies partnered with Grandiflora Genetics, an Oakland company founded by Mark McCafferty. Innovating new strains like Oakland Purp, High Tech and Melonatta, The Cookies and Grandiflora collaboration is an exciting one that will push the entire industry forward and thrill smokers.

How Can I Get in The Weed Game?

You may not possess the same rap, cannabis or entrepreneurial skills as this Bay area resident. The signature of Berner’s success is partially because he knows how to invest in cannabis. If you want to cash in on the green you may not have skills like Berner but you can make strategic investments in cannabis stocks. Cookies is a globally recognized brand with more potential growth in its future.

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