All Bay Music Magazine launches All Bay For Justice #allbayforjustice

All Bay Music Magazine has been activated by the #blacklivesmatter movement and nonviolent protests, as well as the recent passing of George Floyd.

We are proud to announce #allbayforjustice, which is a opportunity for musicians within our platform and magazine. The platform is for artists who wanna shed light on issues that need political change, from injustices to systematic racism.

Our vision is to continue to promote and encourage music artists impacted from inequality and racism to share their message from their visual and audio performances. We are selecting 20 artists this month.

Our first selection is @justo_2100 , a Native American artist we recognize out of San Jose, Ca. Justo and his daughter Nati have been selected as our first #allbayforjustice submission for their single “From Here”. The single talks about all lives lost to police brutality, and how many people feel like revolting in the name of Lovelle Mixon, an Oakland resident who who killed two Oakland police officers and two SWAT team officers in a standoff.

The single also sheds light on the same systematic injustices Native Americans have been faced with from the American Government. The singles instrumental Produced by TrackPros is dope, and has a nice vibe and tempo for story telling.

Between Nati’s soulful voice on the hook representing for the younger generation, and Justo’s advanced story telling, this song makes you feel the anger from injustice, and why it’s a cold world living in a white mans world.

#allbayforjustice #nojusticenopeace #blacklivesmatter #allbaymusic

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of

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