Footage shows Cookies Cannabis Store on Melrose being looted, and Berner addresses it online

A video obtained on social media filmed by Instagram handle @greencountryrebellion, shows Berner’s Cookies Cannabis Store on Melrose Avenue (@cookies.hollywood) being looted, broken into, the inventory stolen, and heavy property damage being inflicted from the looters.

This act wasn’t aimed at a another Target, this time it was a locally owned and highly favored cannabis company with proud patrons, and a success story that California residents celibrate and support intimately.

The loyalty and respect the brand has in our community is impressive. It leaves us with plenty of uncertainty about any of our local residents starting the initial looting of the store.

There is a theories of paid government activists acting on orders from the left and the right, orders that are unlawful.

These paid government activists are American people that are paid as provocateur-agents, hired and paid by Uncle Sam himself. These same provocateur-agents are then injected into our rallys, and they cause anarchy to our streets and stores and we take the hit for it while they continue to stir things up for the worst.

With the American people protesting and having a unified approach to curbing systematic racism, we are standing back hoping and praying for a long needed change.

What is sad is that even with all this support, the system seemingly has no end in sight in giving our black brothers and sisters equality in our public zones or institutions and with no accountability in the horizon.

The American people have been played too many times, and our civilians are now are acting on their doubts, and are aiming for true racial equality, we are aiming for the day where black people can be at ease in having a mere encounter with law enforcement without being in fear of experiencing systematic racism.

After the news broke, Berner (@berner415) released a statement on his instagram page, and tactfully brushed off his losses, and shines the light back on the real problems at hand, he talks about having justice for George Floyd, as well as the countless other Black Americans who were murdered and taken from us.

Salute to Berner for seizing the moment and shining the attention torch not on his store, but on the actual issue at hand. #cookiesenterprises #blacklivesmatter #allbaymusic`

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of