California’s Cannabis System is a racist and broken system designed by the elite, can Gavin Newsom fix it?

Let’s address the monkey in the room on cannabis today! If our president can shut down the whole country in a days notice, and no more than a week, I know our Governor of California Gavin Newsom can issue our cannabis community a wider zone to do business and a influx of new cannabis licenses. It’s definitely possible!

As a Californian, living in the Bay Area, cannabis has always offset our regular pay and that shouldn’t change now that’s it’s legal. This needs to stay in discussion until we see a change otherwise the community has been served a big fuck you by our government, who is suppose to give us a strong economy.

There needs to be more cannabis licenses issued, and more Cannabis licenses issued to all legal states in the USA population. In California, we are the leading cannabis experts in the world! An answer to a lot of local California problems and USA problems can be answered through the sale of cannabis, but we need more licenses and we need to get rid of the green zone so we can stop these greedy property owners from price hiking, and trust me more big brands will come out with millions if not billions of sales and even more revenue, but right now the government is making it too hard to keep the actual good people at the forefront of the business. The acquiring of a license needs to be easy to acquire, and there’s testing centers out now to weed out the bad products.

This story so far, is sad really, they have made the license and property what’s expensive and hard to get, they need to make it easy to get the license and commercial property owners should be able to decide what they wanna do on their land, making weed is not a dangerous sport here in todays new climate for cannabis!

The government should let the people scale a brand easy, and let them scale a brand to expensive, so our local cannabis community can expand into multi million dollar companies. In reality, everyone local who’s been selling weed since their high school days wants to build a cannabis brand legally to scale it to sell, but we need more licenses to regular people who have a background in cannabis. The people want ownership from their cannabis expertise, can you blame them? These are people who already did well enough to not work at a cannabis company for 20 bucks an hour!!!! Most of them actually pay less. As regulated and taxed as they are who knows if they could afford more honestly.

And yes, I am talking about people with cultivation charges, sales cases, people who had sales cases who were dropped to possession, and hell even a possession charge should be encouraged to apply for a legal cannabis license!! Lets not forget anyone, cause we were all persecuted for something that is now deemed essential, its bullshit!

These are essential businesses and now more than ever, there needs to be a influx of licenses available, these people (the ones on the frontlines who lost people with the war on drugs, and all the Californians who went to jail getting people their cannabis) are not rich they have been persecuted for decades and they/we need a break for once! We need a good deal for once!

Here’s another elephant, do you think we give a flying fuck about all the cannabis investors who flew into our country greedy to make all the money who in the end put all this shitty product in our stores!! I am sure the little handful of good weed brands in the Bay Area haven’t had a easy time getting to where they wanna be, but in the end their needs to be a change! Californians are experts in quality cannabis, just like a Sommelier knows good wine.

This is how we are going to keep our Californians in California! Let us have our weed market and trash the green zone! If a landowner don’t care about having a grow on their land, it’s on them, long as they don’t burn the place down. It needs to be regularly zoned!! The green zone almost feels like a racist chess move to keep out the very same people who been persecuted for moving the cannabis agenda forward! Most of these people are either unemployed or surely undercut based on their expertise in cannabis.

Let’s talk about the Foreign investors who come in to the Bay Area, who bought up a lot of our land, or the Canadians who now own some of our companies in the Bay Area, our how people from China are sending money and people to invest into our green zones along the whole state, but were not gonna let our own people in, that’s just not good for business!!!

The history of cannabis is a dark one and it needs a good ending for the people who survived and risked their lives for a plant that keeps people away from being in the red of stress and depression. This would honor those who lost their lives pushing the cannabis agenda forward.

This morning I wrote a long letter to our Governor Gavin Newson about my sentiments on Cannabis and it inspired me to write this piece on cannabis reform. I think we all need to rally for something for our growers and people in the cannabis community who wish to OWN their own cannabis brands. A lot of Californians and Americans took chances just to meet the demand of pricing and quality expectations from our cannabis customers, and so far we all have suffered heavy losses. We need a good ending, and with our COVID-19 pandemic, we got time today!!!

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of