Stunna Girl drops new music video and viral Tik Tok hit “Runway”

Sacramento, CA female breakout artist Stunna Girl had a successful 2019. First off, not only did she release a full length 17 track album titled “YKWTFGO”, she did so with seemingly no single in mind.

After her release from Detroit based record label TF Circle Entertainment, out of nowhere came Tik Tok, with a staggering one million user submitted videos highlighting Tik Tok’s latest success story with Stunna Girls now life changing single “Runway”.

Kids and stars alike found runway to be the ultimate swag single, seemingly empowering women all over the world to share the single via their own Tik Tok account.

With an unprecedented uproar of support via onlines newest video sharing app, Tik Tok sprouts yet another Sacramento legend gaining support from major figures like Howie Mandel, Saweetie, and a host of other big name stars who all but had a blast supporting the young up and coming superstar.

Surely a viral sensation, this grabbed the attention of Epic Records, and now the rest is history, and the wait is over.

The viral hit “Runway” screams girl power going into 2020, and Stunna Girl is surely trying to lead the way into a new decade of blessings. Her music video captures the young star in a variety of different themes and looks, and seeing the young artist tranform her identity into a bigger brand is exciting.

She also still feels very much like a West Coast artist, but she also is one who has clearly experienced growth, which shows also in her new highly anticipated video. Make sure to check it out!

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