Berner opens First East Coast Cannabis Club in Baltimore, Maryland

It’s been a great start to a new 2020 for Cookies Boss Berner, who ended his 2019 out with the opening of two Cookies Cannabis Dispensaries, a “Cookies” cannabis store in Oakland, and one in his hometown of San Francisco called “Berners on Haight”, ending the decade with a huge bang.

Going into 2020 he has displayed two new openings out of state, one in Detroit with a grand opening of January 31st, and one in Baltimore, Maryland, which opened last week. The fans of Baltimore seem very happy with it’s opening, with one of the fans stating this Cookies opening being one of the best businesses to come to Baltimore!

It’s clear that Berner and his Cookies crew have truly taken over the cannabis game, and now are leading the way into the legal cannabis business nationally. It’s nice to see a local artist propel himself into corporate cannabis in this magnitude, we might as well consider Berner to be the ultimate drug lord turned legit businessman, something that many people before him failed to do, with many of them losing their lives to prison or death. Go Uncle Bern!!!

MIP to the Jacka, we wish the bull was here to witness how you truly seen it through!

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of