Help Petition for Alternative Sentencing for Keak da Sneak

Keak da Sneak is a rapper that was shot 2 times in 2017. The second random shooting leaving him confined to a wheel chair with various health issues was sentenced by the Amador County Superior Court Judge to an 18 month prison sentence. The rapper isn’t asking for leniency on his sentence, but simply how he serves that sentence. He is asking for home confinement/anklet monitor.

The chances of him becoming a flight risk is far and few considering he cannot walk. Prison is not the right place for this man. Prison is dangerous & dirty! He cannot defend himself and has already been the victim of 2 shootings. He also receives critical medical care three times per week by nurses who visits his home as well as his wife, whom is his full time care giver.

You may not know but the system wants Keak to do 16 months in jail due to carrying a weapon for protection.The court system is not acknowledging that Keak is not able to walk and is undergoing therapy to heal and the system is not allowing him to be on house arrest so he can continue to get treatment.

Keak da Sneak is a big influence to Oakland an the Bay Area an its saddens me that the system doesnt care about his healing process after being shot multiple time an the trauma he suffers.

So please help Keak continue to get the proper justice he deserves an allow him to continue to get the treatment he needs to recover. So far the public has gotten involved, radio outlets, national new agencys, and mainstream hip hop media hubs like The Source and All Hip Hop.

Please click here, and sign the petition. Thanks.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of