Bell Biv Devoe’s claim turns into study about women with big butts and the findings are in!

A new study coming out of Greece has uncovered some very interesting findings. The study claims that women with naturally larger butts, appear to be more “deceitful”, than women with other attributes.

According to the study which is a questionnaire based study, scientists asked each groups of women a series of questions, and found that women with larger than average butts were more likely to be “deceitful”, as they called it.

The study group located in Greece separated women into 4 groups – they defined the groups that were “slender”, “top heavy”, “bottom heavy”, and “obese”.

The results are in, and the scientists claim that the “bottom heavy” group was the only one of the four that showed a higher degree of “deceitfulness” than another of the other three groups.

Well Bell Biv Devoe told us. Now there’s ACTUAL REAL SCIENCE to back up what they said . . .

Ian Jackson
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