Coolio Da’unda’dogg – Unknown Legend DVD Trailer 2017

Coolio Da’unda’dogg – Unknown Legend (DVD Trailer 2017)

Bay Area Hip-Hop artist, Coolio Da’unda’dogg is almost ready to release his highly anticipated DVD,  “Unknown Legend” as well as motion picture soundtrack in 2017. The film documents his life from growing up in Los Angeles (Watts) hustling and gang banging, to moving to North Vallejo and bank robberies.

Being a CEO of Cavvy R. Records and also once Co-CEO of Thizz Entertainment, Da’unda’dogg’s life is documented with actual archived footage and interviews from industry insiders, childhood friends and recording artist that’s worked with him throughout his career.

With over 1 million albums sold, production credit for dozens of songs by numerous artist. From half empty shows to sold out shows Da’unda’dogg continues to work diligently with little to no recognition in the music industry. Well as they say, every now and again a legend goes unknown and this DVD sheds light as to why that may be.

His first single off the soundtrack “Chiseled From Stone” is available now on iTunes.

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