G Eazy throws his own concert in his hometown of Oakland at the Warriors Oracle Arena!!!

G Eazy throws his own concert in his hometown of Oakland at the Warriors Oracle Arena!!!

Those who have been watching the Bay Area surface with more high rising talents like Kehlani, Sage The Gemini, and most recently G Eazy, the Bay Area has been getting its final due of respect in regards to mainstream success to further back our much needed respect we deserve as a major hub for talent in North America as a whole!! The Bay Area has a world influence in many major markets throughout the world, mainly for our going left to industry standards, and our artists having pure authenticity.

What makes me happy to see in the years of Bay Area forefront runners is a new artist currently holding the ball for us in the mainstream actually booking out the entire Oracle Arena for a local show that can fit up to 15k-20k people. This one goes in the history books people.

The Oracle, the Warriors Arena, the place one day the Hot Boys shut down and caused a riot. G Eazy, heading out with Lil Yachy will shut down the East Bay Area’s most infamous, and Oaklands largest capacity venue. What an amazing journey to watch G Eazy go from hometown favorite, to world renown artist, everything to accolade his success from appearing on Brittany Spears songs to hitting MTO on a regular basis for living a real rock stars life, and now he brings it all back home for a in your face grand slam, filling the arena in his home town, with little headliners.

This is a show that will be remembered in this generation for years to come. He’s headlining his own concert at the Bay Area’s only NBA Stadium, the Oracle Arena. Get your tickets early!!!

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com