Is Joe Budden making Hip Hop interesting?

Ever since Joe Budden made comments on Meek and Nicki relationship, and they responded to it Joe Budden seen a wound of frustration coming from people mostly Nicki and Meek, and like any lyrical doctor, he’s gonna go and open that wound up, and lately, Joe Budden obviously has been tasting blood. I think a lot of it stems from him expecting more from street prodigy Meek Mill.

None the less, why else would Budden be aiming for Drake. After the beef they wanted to treat Drake like he was Pac, and for the street poets who witnessed real beefs, this was nothing close to that. None the less I can take it in with both sides and say Drake came at Meek quickly and precise and the cards landed. Some people feel different and feel Meek held his own.

Regardless of the fact Joe Budden I feel like is definitely at his crib right now rapping some shit as French Montana put it, but thats okay, he’s a true MC, thats fine. But if you look closely he’s not forgetting his opponents past and he’s doing as much as he can to make his own mark, and lately he’s taking shots at whoever is involved or in the way, or has something to say.

As a writer and someone who appreciates being dedicated, it does not seem like Joe Budden is focused on a album, but with all the energy being put forth, a big record deal sure would make this interesting, considering Joe Budden has declared war, stated he is gonna continue to making cuts aimed at Drake.

Although maybe the outer perimeter of hip hop might not be watching, due to being addicted to the big chains and club singles, the surveyors of true hip hop are keeping there tabs, and as it continues to unfold, I wonder if Drake will show hip hop and the MC’s out there that hitmaking is the only way to end a rap beef. Will Drake come with bars in the form of another quote-un-quote hit that his large fan base will devour it as the end of Joe Budden?

Or worse will we see another crazy OVO fan do something stupid over a test of wits, and a test of beef? My humble opinion, if Meek and AR-AB can get through it, than so can Joe Budden and a crazed fan.

I think he has some proof that he should be carrying a weapon on him and that fans who invade a artists personal space are considered dangerous. None the less things have been unfolding, and we cannot say Joe Budden is not moving the ground beneath him.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of