From Slapp Addict to Trapp Addict

San Jose’s very own TraxAmillion has come out with a new EP project called The Trapp Addict which can be heard on his SoundCloud. I’ve listened to it multiple times through already and it does not disappoint. His tracks keep me dancing in my car during my commutes.



TraxAmillion has become one of the most watched producers in the bay area. His hits with Keak Da Sneak’s “Super Hyphy” and Dem Hoodstarz’s “Grown Man Remix,” both released in 2006. That same year, Trax came out with his first album, The Slapp Addict, with several bay area hyphy artists. Trax is also a rapper, which can be heard in his newest EP that released on April 29th. He signed on with 454 Life Entertainment, who’s also based out of San Jose.

The Trapp Addict consists of 6 tracks and includes features from akaFrank, Kool John from The HBK Gang, and NTG (formerly known as Nio Tha Gift). It’s also available to purchase on iTunes.

trapp cover

The Trapp Addict cover art

For some of Trax’s older works, you can register at A1 Yola and hear his releases under Slapp Addict Productions. You can stay hyphy with his projects that date back from 2006 to 2012.


The Slapp Addict cover art

hyphy /’hīfē/: a style of uptempo hip-hop music originating in northern California and associated with a frenetic style of dancing.


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