Steph Curry’s Twitter Air Ball

Let me congratulate our Warriors for the come back in last night’s game. After being down 3+ points the entire game, they came out on top. #StrengthInNumbers

Steph Curry has been out of the games since his knee injury in the first round of playoffs. He was taking hits from the opposing team left and right; it’s a miracle he’ll be able to come back to play after his supposed two weeks of rest. After watching the win last night, Curry took to Twitter to cheer on his teammates. However, he made a little mistake in shouting out his mates.

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Curry had intended to tag his teammate, Brandon Rush, in his tweet but accidentally used Rush’s Instagram handle (and once used Twitter handle), @brush_4, instead of his current Twitter handle, @brush_25. Who knew this little mistake would become such a big deal? Of course, fans will do whatever they can to instigate (maybe that wasn’t this fan’s intention, but it sure seems like it). A fan noticed this mistake and tweeted to Curry and his wife, Ayesha, letting them know that he had tweeted at an account that was used to push NSFW links through Twitter, instead of his teammate.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.26.56 PM

Brandon Rush’s old Twitter handle

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After noticing this mistake, Curry quickly removed his tweet and correctly tagged Rush in his new tweet. The fan seemed to want more attention than she was already aiming to get by tweeting a “you’re welcome” back at Curry since she didn’t receive a “thank you” tweet. She then continued to let everyone know that the porn account had been suspended.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.28.13 PM

Good job, Lauri. You helped your beloved Curry fix his mistake, but also put him on blast. I’m sure he really appreciates it.


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