Harriet Tubman is the New Face of the Twenty Dollar Bill

The Bay Area has always been a place rooted in activism and civil rights. Whether it’s the Black Lives Matter Movement or equality for the LGBT community, the Bay Area is known for being a champion of the cause. So when a Black Woman becomes the face of U.S. currency it’s most definitely a big deal; not just across the Bay Area but nationwide.

Harriet Tubman, former slave turned abolitionist and humanitarian, will replace the seventh President of the United States Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill. U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew made the announcement today and much of his decision was based on public opinion. According to the Federal Reserve the twenty dollar bill is the third most widely circulated paper bill. It accounted for 23% of all bills in circulation last year and everybody knows we getting money in the Bay Area.

Harriet Tubman is most famous for her use of the Underground Railroad to free hundreds of slaves. She was also heavily involved in the Women’s Suffrage Movement until her death in 1913. All Bay Music Magazine supports major milestones like this that have an impact on the culture and the youth of this generation. It’s unclear when the new twenty will go into circulation but for now you can check out the hilarious memes below! @_CourtneyCherry

at the bank all tubmans

Ian Jackson
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